LGSS Law Ltd is a Social Enterprise law firm specialising in the Public Sector

LGSS Law Ltd is made up of a highly-regarded team of innovative and experienced legal professionals who together provide cost-effective legal advice and assistance to a range of public and not for profit sector clients. Originally formed in April 2015 from the merger of two County Council legal teams, LGSS Law has steadily expanded due to increasing demand for its services and now comprises approximately 150 team members who are divided into specialist teams located across a network of four branch offices in Huntingdon, Cambridge, Northampton and Bedfordshire (Shefford).

LGSS Law Ltd is a ‘Social Enterprise Law Firm’ one of the first of our kind to be established in the UK, we are wholly owned by public bodies and have a different structure to that of an ordinary commercial law firm. We are unique amongst law firms in that we’re owned by our clients and we don’t have ‘Partners’ which ensures that we’re run for the benefit of the clients we serve. We have our roots in the provision of legal services to local authorities and a significant proportion of our work remains within this sector. However, over recent years our client base has grown and widened to include more than one hundred organisations across the public and not for profit sectors including, Local Authorities, Clincial Commissioning Groups, Foundation Trusts, Charities and Fire Services.

Our Commitment to Quality

As part of our commitment to providing a quality assured service, LGSS Law has been awarded by the Law society’s LEXCEL quality assurance standard. The LEXCEL practice management standard is only awarded to organisations who meet the highest management and customer care standards.


LEXCEL accredited organisations undergo rigorous independent assessment every year to ensure they meet required standards of excellence in areas such as client care, case management and risk management. We constantly monitor our services to ensure that we are always providing you with the highest quality service possible.

Our Vision

Our client focused legal team of enthusiastic and innovative people provides robust quality and cost effective legal services exclusively to clients in the public and not for profit sectors, creating an environment in which we are able to realise our full potential.

Our Mission

To support our clients in achieving their objectives we will supply timely, flexible and effective legal services by exploiting the benefits of scale, to increase the depth of legal specialism and resilience and thereby providing a better alternative to private practice and maximising affordability for clients.